“My work is research into the influence of society on my own identity and on the identity of others, based on emotions and learned behavior.


WOL75 (1975) is a Dutch visual artist, contemporary artist and art producer. He currently lives with his wife and two children in the Netherlands, in his hometown of Nijmegen. Starting off as an interior builder and cabinet maker in the 1990s, WOL75 is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (1999-2004). In his graduation year, he moved from ‘s-Hertogenbosch to Amsterdam and moved back to Nijmegen in 2007. For one-and-a-half years, he worked and lived in an old empty student house in the city center. During the day, he worked as a freelance graphic designer and art director. Most people sleep at night, but not WOL75. He started experimenting with collage techniques, drawing and photography in the middle of the night. He has been working as a visual artist since 2004. Nowadays, he is also the founder of Gallery WOL75 and WOL75 Creations, a creative art company.

From an early age, WOL75 philosophized about the meaning of life and finding his own way in life. Self-development, meditation and freedom have always been important to him. He traveled to Asia several times and learned to appreciate Asian cultures and their cuisine. The intensity of flavors, smells and herbs appeal to his senses. He is a huge fan of Thai food which he enjoys cooking for his friends. WOL75: “I need a supercharger for my creativity. One of them is quality food, that’s full of flavor in its taste and smell. It keeps my creativity flowing".


WOL75 examines the relationship between identity, personality and society, which he encapsulates in his own surreal world. Themes like: Power, control or manipulation are always part of his artwork. WOL75: “My work is a research into the influence of society on my own identity and on the identity of others, based on emotions and learned behavior.  

This fascinates me ever since i was a child,  it's something that I have always studied. My artworks reflect the meaning behind our actions and they offer the audience another perspective on their day-to-day behavior.” He allows the viewer to immerse himself in the artwork to start up the dialog within the viewer trough the artwork. And if you Iook more closely, you will discover even more details and elements. The elements are a metaphor or symbolism within the theme of the artwork. WOL75: “ Sometimes the art is like a production still/ snapshot from a movie in my mind. You literally get a glimpse of a story. 

Intensity characterizes WOL75’s art and it has a distinctive, visual language. WOL75’s art has visual influences of surreal art, street art (urban art), popart and conceptual art. The visual language of his art consists of illustrated elements of human and organic forms and mechanical elements which he combines in one work of art. 

Sometimes the art is like a production still/ snapshot from a movie in my mind.


WOL75’s art has a distinctive visual language. The artworks consist of drawn collages, cloning and repetition objects, photomontages, in which he combines human, animal and organic forms with (bio)mechanical elements. WOL75 photographs objects and human postures, which he then loads onto the computer. Most of his photographs are of people who are close to him. These photos serve as a mold. He uses a Wacom Cintiq high-quality drawing tablet to create a totally new image out of it. The final step is to incorporate all the individual elements and images into one new artwork.


WOL75 has created several artwork series some of them are: the DNA Collection, M Red collection and the MC Collection. Other examples of his artwork series are Leaving the stairs, Taking away my memories and Jekyll & Hyde. WOL75 is committed to exclusivity. Every work of art has a limited edition. Every piece of his art is provided with a certificate of authenticity which is numbered, dated and personally signed by WOL75.



WOL75 also creates digital art animations series and placed them on Instagram. Curious? Check out the Instagram-page. 


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